First Equilease


Enables the customer to retain the equipment post the completion of the lease term.
A financial/capital lease is a flexible way to fund a customer›s equipment needs without drawing on cash reserves.
This lease type provides an option to purchase the equipment for a nominal fee at the end of the lease term.

It is most appropriate for customers who intend to use the equipment for a specific project period. It’s an efficient method enabling the customer to gain access to the latest gear, at a minimal cost, without undertaking the residual risk at the end of the lease term.

The customer enjoys using the equipment at the end of the lease term and re turns the equipment with out undertaking any further liability related to the obso-lescence or disposal of the equipment.

An appropriate option for the customer who already owns the equipment and wants to free up capital tied up in the kit for use in business expansion. In such a transaction, the customer would sell the equipment to Equilease for cash and immediately lease it back.

Allows the customer to use the equipment over a fixed period in return for regular payments. After all the settlement completion, the customer becomes the equipment owner, either automatically or on an option to purchase fee.

It fits the customer who seeks equipment forshort term use without dealing with maintaining or operating them. Equilease would take care of operating and maintaining the equipment. Thus, the customer enjoys all the above benefits and avoids any liability related to the obsolescence or disposal of the equipment.

We are providing our clients with effective tracking and performance reports for the leased equipment, which enable the client better utilize the equipment.